Once Off Fee of R450.00

Rates differ per required task and number of hours. We will advice as soon as we receive your request.

Rate per 4 hours: R210.00
Rate per 6–8 hours: R420.00
Rate per week: R562.00

Personal Information

Email Address:

Name & Surname:

Cell Number:

Cleaning location

Street Address:



Area to be cleaned

Number of rooms

What other tasks should we do?
Laundry + Ironing
Inside Fridge
Inside Oven
Inside Cabinets
Interior Windows
Interior Walls

Hours to book for cleaning (minimum 4 hours)
(We estimate 4.0 hours or more depending on work scope)

At what time should we resume duty and at what time should we finish

Is there anyone who will be with us within the household?

If yes, kindly provide the person's contact number:

Cleaning Products

If service required is for once off or part time babysitting, please let us know the required days,
tasks, number of children, age of children and size of house:

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