Please follow the following steps in order for us to assist you:

Step 1:

Complete the online Registration form. After submitting the form we will be notified via email and will contact you within one work day. Should you require immediate info call, sms or Whatsapp 0720833104 or 0660436293.

Step 2:

We will contact you in order to arrange an interview as soon as we find a nanny or domestic worker matching your profile. Interviews will take place on Mon–Friday 09:00–16:00 at our new offices (Regus Business Centre, Ground Floor, Uni Park Building, Uni Park, Vodacom Lane, Nobel Street, Brandwag, Bloemfontein, 9300). You will interview 3–6 candidates on the day. There is a Booking Fee of R550.00 payable directly into our account 3–7 days prior to interviews to subsidise transport costs of the applicants since most of them are unemployed.

Should you not be satisfied with the candidates another set of 6 will be scheduled for an interview at the venue of your choice at no cost. You may, however, subsidise their transport cost by giving them R50.00 or so for attending. Note that you are welcome to interview the first set of applicants at the venue of your choice at NO Fee, but pay subsidiary for transport directly to them. Our interview fee covers applicants transport plus the board room hire at Uni Park.

Step 3:

The day of the interview/s you will interview the prospective home employee that has been shortlisted as per the specifications and job description you have send us. Prior to the interviews you would have received the CVs. You are welcome to select a candidate based on their CV and trial them for a month.

You will need the following for your interview:
  1. At least R50.00 for transport money in cash to reimburse every nanny/domestic worker you interview (you will interview between one and three nannies/domestic workers) if you opt to interview at your house or public venue of your choice, e.g the Mall.
  2. R550.00 Interview Booking Fee if you opt to interview at our offices in Uni Park Brandwag. We will carry the transport cost and venue booking costs.
  3. We will email you the Interview guideline however you are welcome to make an additional list of questions you feel are relevant to your household set up and needs.
  4. The once off Placement Fee is payable prior to any interviews or placements. We do not accept cash however a Direct Cash Deposit at the bank is acceptable. Bring proof of this or an EFT directly into our account. Please bring along the once-off placement fee Our Fees). We do not realise the home employees for interviews or placement without the Full Placement Fee being paid.
After interviews or after selection:
  1. A detailed profile of the assigned helper including her References, Police Checks and Emergency contacts. Her Certificates (if any) and her proof of address.
  2. Her Employment Contract, compiled as per your requirements.
  3. UIF Forms should you have opted for the Gold or Prestige contract.
  4. A Job Schedule for you to complete and hand to her.
  5. Disciplinary Guideline and Building a Good Relationship with the employee Guideline.

Step 4:

After choosing a successful nanny/domestic worker we will immediately notify them in order for you to make the necessary arrangements with them. We will also provide you with their contact details. If you were unsuccessful in interviewing a matching nanny/domestic worker we will arrange another interview on another day for you (the process starts again at Step 5).

Step 5:

You pay the once-off placement fee either in cash or EFT (see Our Fees).

Step 6:

On request, we can register the employee for Provident Fund at R380.00 per month or Medical Aid at R285.00 per month at an activation fee of R325.00 (see Our Fees).